Who We Are

Florenaturals Organic Beauty in London is a small independent business that makes nourishing personal care products. All products are made using organic Shea butter from the Ivory Coast in West Africa as well as a series of other natural ingredients. We produce items in small batches using traditional methods. We are constantly creating new products and working on ways to improve our techniques. We currently sell our products online as well as at the Crystal Palace market in South London. If you are in the area, do come along and say hello.

About Our Owner

Flore Iba has always been passionate about making products that people will love to use and give as gifts. She has been in the industry for more than 3 years.

Her daughter used to suffer a lot with eczema. They consulted many doctors and were prescribed different medications but nothing worked. Inspirted by this, Flore produced her own creams and soaps and these worked perfectly. It was a miracle; the itchy, dry skin, and spots were all gone after using the products for one month. Since then, Flore was encouraged to continue making natural and organic products.

Apart from her business, Flore spends her time studying interior design and taking care of her two beautiful girls.