HAIR FOOD ( Moisture Replacement Treatment Enriched With Shea Butter, Lemongrass and Avocado oil )

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This deeply hydrating formula is inspired by the luscious scents of lemongrass and avocado oil. It's rich, creamy formula restores lost moisture to dry or damaged hair, smoothes away dullness and helps protect strands against future damage. It's leaves your hair strong and healthy. Your hair will smell delicious all day long!                     No Artificial Colourants
No Parabens
No Silicones


Daily Styling - Massage into hair beginning at the root and work towards ends. Style as usual.

Allergy Warning: This product contains nuts. 

Shea Butter  is extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the Karite tree, native to the East and West of Africa. Ancient African women used shea butter ages ago to moisturize their skin and hair. It’s an excellent emollient and a must-have natural ingredient for all naturals out there!

Shea butter has a laundry list of benefits for hair. Some of them include: sealing moisture into dry hair, treating itchy scalps & damaged hair, softening hair and PROMOTING hair growth!                                                                               Rejuvenating weak and sleeping hair follicles and strengthening them.

Lemongrass oil is full of therapeutic properties that make it potent and purposeful to our bodies. The main chemical components of lemongrass oil are myrcene, citronellal, geranyl acetate, nerol, geraniol, neral, and traces of limonene and citral. It is considered useful as an antiseptic, an antioxidant, an astringent.  It is a great source of |Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5 B6, C and folate.

1. Antimicrobial & Antiseptic Properties: With these properties using lemongrass on your natural hair will allow your scalp conditions to be handled with care. Specifically if you suffer from scalp inflammation or irritation. With regular use of lemongrass your scalp will be prime for growing healthy natural hair that you retain instead of losing to breakage, excessive shedding and other hair damage.

2 . Strengthens Hair Follicles: Lemongrass is also known to strengthen your hair follicles which helps fight hair loss. As a source of iron it helps out with people who suffer with anemia or other iron deficiencies which can cause hair loss.  Retaining your hair is key to actually having healthy beautiful hair on your head. You can grow your as much as you’d like but if your scalp and follicles aren’t on board with the retaining then it is all for nothing.

3. Treats Oily Hair: If you are struggling with oily hair lemongrass will become your new Bae. While adding to shine, lemongrass will help eliminate or reduce the production of excess oil on your hair. What I like best about lemongrass as a treatment for oily hair it also works well with other essential and carrier oils helping to create the best hair treatment for your hair needs.

Avocado Oil is rich in antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids, biotin and vitamins A, B-5, and E.  

Treating your hair with avocado can moisturize, repair, and strengthen your hair.  The minerals like those in avocado oil can help seal cuticle cells, which can prevent hair from breaking.


Butyrospermum park ( Shea ) Organic Butter, Persea gratissima ( Avocado ) Oil ( Avocado ) Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis ( Almond ) Oil, Cocos Nucifera ( Coconut ) Oil, Ricinus communist ( Castor ) Seed Oil, Cymbopogon schoenanthus ( Lemongrass ) Essential Oil, 

Lavandula angustifolia( Lavender ) Essential Oil, Cedrus atlantica Bark Oil ( Cedarwood ) Essential Oil, Salvia sclera ( Clary Sage ) Essential Oil, Pelargonium graveolens ( Geranium ) Essential Oil, Citrus grands ( Grapefruit ) Peel Oil,
Rosmarinus officials ( Rosemary ) Leaf Oil, Citrus Sinensis ( Sweet Orange ) Oil.


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